'90 Day' : Jeymi Is Days Away from Marrying Kris — but Still Hasn't Come Out to Her Own Mother

Jeymi said it's "too much stress" for her to come out to her mother, but Kris wished things were "different"


90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way couple Kris Foster and Jeymi Noguera are having some tough conversations ahead of their whirlwind wedding.

During the TLC show's episode on Sunday, the couple was having a celebratory dinner for the one-year anniversary of the day they met when they started chatting about their future. Kris asked if "anybody" from her family would be in attendance for their upcoming wedding, leading Jeymi to respond, "No, baby. This is impossible."

"You don't think your mom would want to come to the wedding?" asked Kris, and Jeymi replied, "No. My mother, she don't know [I'm about to] marry you. And she don't know I'm lesbian."

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Jeymi explained why she'd kept such important information from her mom: "I think my mother have idea because she has too much friends and you know, for example, for Facebook, [I have] pictures with you. But I [have] not sit down and talk for her."

Addressing the matter further, Jeymi told the cameras it's "very difficult" for her to open up about her sexuality with her family because she knows it will be a "problem" for them.

Jeymi then admitted to Kris that it's not "easy" for her and she's not "ready" to come out to her family just yet. As Kris asked why she's worried to tell her mother, Jeymi said: "It's too much stress for me."

Jeymi also said she has "no need" to hear her mother's "rude" opinions of LGBTQIA people. "This is my life and I feel prepared for this [wedding], OK?" she added.

Jeymi Noguera/instagram, Kris Foster/instagram
Jeymi Noguera/instagram, Kris Foster/instagram

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This revelation naturally upset Kris. "It's sad to me that she hasn't really sat down and discussed any of this with her mom," she began to tell the cameras.

"As a mother, I would be hurt knowing that my child didn't feel comfortable enough to come to me and talk to me about something and have to lie to me for a long time," she continued. "I would be devastated by that and I worry that her mother is going to be devastated when she finds out."

Kris then tried to relate to Jeymi, revealing that she "waited a long time to come out" because she "feared, mainly, my mom's reaction."

"She was a lot cooler about it than I thought she would be," she said. "It kind of made me wish I would have come out sooner. You never really know how they're gonna react."

As Kris questioned whether her soon-to-be-wife would tell her mom down the road, Jeymi said it could "maybe" happen in "a few months" or "a few years," but she still wasn't sure of the timeline.

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That said, Jeymi did insist she was "happy" with her relationship.

In a confessional, Kris said she hoped Jeymi would say something to her family "before" the pair wed. And yet, she understood that "only Jeymi's gonna know when she's ready to talk to her mom about us, but I wish it was different."

Kris moved from America to Colombia, and the pair have encountered many stumbling blocks on their journey to the altar, including Kris ghosting Jeymi for months and Jeymi choosing to briefly move on with someone else thereafter.

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