Get $900 off this HP gaming PC with an RTX 4070 Ti today

The HP Omen 40L desktop sitting on a coffee table.
Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

If you want to save a ton of money on a pre-built gaming PC, take a look at this offer from HP that’s coming as part of Memorial Day sales. The Omen 40L (which includes an RTX 4070 Ti) would usually run you $2,550, but it can be yours now for just $1,650. That’s a savings of $900. Tap the button below to see the machine over at HP, or continue reading for a better overview of its stats as well as how this prebuilt gaming PC ran when we got our hands on it.


Why you should buy the Omen 40L Desktop

In addition to having an RTX 4070 Ti, the Omen 40L Desktop comes with an Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, and a full terabyte of SSD storage. This is enough to play nearly all of the best PC games of today and, presumably, the conceivable “tomorrow” as well. There will always be outliers and equipment-pushers, of course, but you should expect some longevity here, even beyond the 1-year standard warranty from HP.

The housing for the Omen 40L is refreshingly stylish in an era where the looks and aesthetics of gaming equipment is starting to mean something, but often comes across as gaudy and silly. From the diamond-like Omen logo to the two glowing rings in the front, the Omen 40L Desktop could pass for a dual-vented bookshelf when seen from the front. Of course, like most of the best gaming PCs, the side is open and you can look into an RGB and wire-filled fantasyland.

Our HP Omen 40L review admittedly wasn’t 100% glowing for the full-priced product, but there are at least a couple of things from it worth noting even if you’re a fan of the Omen 40L’s stats, looks, and design. The first is that the chassis’ touted “toolless” design is indeed easy to use and pull apart with your hands, including even a removable dust filter. The second is that you’re probably going to want to spend a little bit of time configuring your machine after you buy it to maximize its value.

To grab the HP Omen 40L at the special price of $1,650, down $900 from $2,550, go ahead and tap the button below. If you decide to look elsewhere, there are plenty of good Memorial Day gaming PC deals going on already, so be sure to check them out.