Abbott Elementary: Our Dream Spinoff

We hope the teachers of Abbott Elementary don’t take offense when we say that we would happily enroll in another school.

Abbott Elementary Kristin Marie
Abbott Elementary Kristin Marie

Before you send us to the time-out corner to think about our choices, allow us to explain: Season 2 of the hit ABC comedy introduced viewers to Addington Elementary, where Melissa Schemmenti’s sister Kristin Marie (played by Lauren Weedman) — described by Jacob as Melissa’s “charter school doppelgänger” — works as a teacher. As a Legendary Charter, Addington serves as a rival to Abbott, with enough money and resources to make even the most stalwart Abbott teacher covetous of its computer lab and smell-free hallways. But with those funds come strings: As Jacob learned in the “Teacher Conference” episode when he bonded with some of his Addington counterparts, rather than serving the neighborhood, the school accepts kids from all the over the city that they think have the best chance of “making it out.”

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Ultimately, the Abbott parents successfully thwarted Legendary boss Draemond’s attempt to add the public school to his portfolio of charters, which would have put the students’ and teachers’ futures in jeopardy. But what became of Addington Elementary? Needless to say, it is far from a perfect school, despite what Draemond and his staff might think… and that’s exactly what makes it the perfect setting for a spinoff.

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Addington is rife with potential conflict and an existing cast of characters, and we already have our way in through Melissa’s sister Kristin Marie. All it would take is one good-hearted Janine type to come in and turn Addington upside down and really question whether it’s truly the better school. (Considering Kristin Marie was the one to tip off Melissa about the threat to Abbott, maybe she would even be the one to lead the revolution?) Plus, you just know that seemingly perfect veneer is hiding some hilarious dysfunction.

Just like Abbott, Addington could be a delightful place to spend half an hour every week. And come on, wouldn’t you love to see Draemond get some comeuppance?

Abbott Elementary fans, would you watch a spinoff set at Addington? Or do you have another dream scenario in mind? Hit the comments to share!

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