He’s accused of killing a Pasco man more than a decade ago. He was found in California

A 37-year-old Pasco man was at a Burbank garage when he was gunned him down 13 years ago.

A witness later told police they saw Luis Reyna Carillo, then 18, flee the shop with another man and drive away.

Jose Ramon Hernandez-Solis was shot twice and died.

More than a decade later Carillo has been brought back to Walla Walla County to face one count of first-degree murder, according to a release from the Walla Walla County Sheriff’s Office.

Carillo, and his wife, Mariana Mendoza Camacho, 31, were arrested in California. An arrest warrant was issued for him in 2010 based on the witness account.

But the Walla Walla Sheriff’s Office said new DNA evidence also was found in 2022 that tied allegedly ties Carillo to the shooting. That helped lead to his recent arrest.

The night of the shooting, Hernandez-Solis and the two murder suspects Carillo and Victor Castro Aguilar had been at the same early-morning party in Burbank.

Hernandez-Solis and a friend left after reportedly seeing Carillo with a gun, according to a sheriff’s office report at the time.

They went to a shop that Hernandez-Solis rented and he went inside, while his friend fell asleep in Hernandez-Solis’ truck outside. The friend woke up to the sounds of gunshots.

He told officials he saw Carillo and possibly Aguilar run from the shop and drive off in Carillo’s Jeep Grand Cherokee, said investigators.

Carillo’s now wife, Mendoza Camacho, then 17, also was in the Jeep, according to reporting at the time.

Victor Castro Aguilar also was charged and brought to court in 2014. After prosecutors couldn’t find a key witness, they dropped the charges. But the case could be refiled.