Acer has 3 new OLED gaming monitors, including one with a 480Hz refresh rate

The Acer Predator X34 X5 monitor over a light blue background.

Acer just opened up its metaphorical bag of goodies at Computex 2024, and a whole lot of monitors fell right out. There’s a lot to sink your teeth into, but we’ve got our eyes on the OLED models — one of them more than the others.

The Predator X27 F3 combines a WQHD OLED display with a 480Hz refresh rate, coming close to the best of both worlds for gamers. You won’t have to choose between crisp visuals and high refresh rates here. However, its price is high enough to make your eyes water just as much as the lightning-fast gameplay might.

The Predator X27 F3 is a 26.5-inch gaming monitor with a standard 2560-by-1440 resolution, a response time of 0.01ms, and a zippy 480Hz refresh rate.

This OLED panel is something that promises to deliver sharp contrasts, bright colors, and great visuals. Acer isn’t the first manufacturer to release a monitor with an ultra-high refresh rate and an OLED panel, but the combination of a reasonably sized screen, 2K resolution, and 480Hz refresh rates make the Predator X27 F3 an interesting option for gamers. Esports titles often don’t benefit from massive displays, so the more compact size could be an advantage here compared to similar options from brands like LG. Asus also has an OLED with a 480Hz refresh rate, matching both the Acer and the LG.

A display such as this was never going to be sold on the cheap. Acer will begin selling the Predator X27U F3 in North America in the third quarter of 2024 starting at $1,200.

Two more OLED monitors are set to arrive before the end of the year: the Predator X32 X3 and the Predator X34 X5. The X32 X3 is a large, 31.5-inch OLED display sporting a 4K UHD resolution, a refresh rate of 240MHz, and a 0.03ms response time. One interesting gimmick that Acer is offering here is something we’ve already seen in the aforementioned LG — dynamic frequency and resolution. You’ll be able to choose whether you want to play at 4K UHD and stick to a 240Hz refresh rate, or switch to a whopping 480Hz at the price of going down to a standard 1080p resolution. Again, this sounds like a great option for gamers who like esports titles but also immersive RPGs.

The Acer Predator X27U F3 seen from the back.

Lastly, the Predator X34 X5 is a 34-inch ultrawide monitor that combines an OLED panel with a slight (1800R) curvature to ramp up the immersion. We’re getting a UWQHD resolution (3,440 by 1,440), a 0.03 response time, and a 240Hz refresh rate.

Both of these monitors will arrive in the final quarter of 2024, but the X32 X3 will be priced at $1,200 and up, and the curved X34 X5 will start at $1,100. This is important, as Asus just announced a $750 OLED gaming monitor with a 1440p resolution and a 240Hz refresh rate.

Aside from these OLED displays, Acer will also begin selling new smart monitors from the Acer DA1 and Nitro GA1 series, ranging from 27 inches to 32 inches. These are less exclusively aimed at gamers and will find their new homes in various setups, be it in a gaming room or as part of a workstation. The good news is that they’re all much cheaper, starting at $330 and launching in the fourth quarter of 2024.