Advert taken off air after facing backlash from Grenfell Tower victims for editing out building

Grenfell Tower  (Getty Images)
Grenfell Tower (Getty Images)

An advert has been taken off air after facing a backlash from Grenfell Tower victims for editing the building out of a scene.

The advert, for the pain relief gel Voltarol, featured people playing football on the Westway pitches close to the council block.

However, while two other nearby council towers remained visible, Grenfell, covered in white sheeting and topped with a "forever in our hearts" banner, was removed from the scene.

Karim Mussilhy, whose uncle Hesham Rahman was among the 72 people killed in the fire, spotted the edit while watching Channel 4's streaming service on Monday.

"It was really upsetting," Mr Mussilhy told the Guardian.

He added: "It seems nobody wants to see it any more, that it's an eyesore. The vibe I feel is that [people] want it gone."

Upon closer examination with his wife, he noticed apparent editing marks on the image, which he described as "insulting."

The Westway sports centre, where the advert was filmed, served as a relief base following the fire.

The advert, commissioned by consumer health company Haleon, has been airing on Channel 4's terrestrial channel.

A spokesperson for Haleon said: “We are deeply sorry for any distress that our recent Voltarol advertisement may have caused. We will be taking the advert off air with immediate effect."

Trials are not expected to start for companies and individuals responsible for the Grenfell Tower disaster until 2026, with corporate manslaughter, gross negligence manslaughter, fraud and safety offences under consideration.