Your Air Fryer Is The Perfect Tool For Easy Roasted Cauliflower

Roasted cauliflower in air fryer
Roasted cauliflower in air fryer - faithie/Shutterstock

Over the last decade, cauliflower has become an extremely popular vegetable. From vegan Buffalo wings to pizza crusts, there are dozens of cauliflower dishes worth raving about. Although many intricate cauliflower-centric recipes are deceptively delicious, a simple batch of roasted cauliflower can be just as tasty. And what tool is better for quick, easy-to-make roasted cauliflower than an air fryer? Spoiler alert: There isn't one.

When roasted, the caramelized sweetness in cauliflower emerges, further complemented by a toasty warmth and tender texture. But what makes air fryers so great at roasting cauliflower? Air fryers work twice as fast as conventional ovens. Not only can they cook your cauliflower in record time, but also facilitate even browning on all sides of your veggies without drying them out. Because air fryer recipes call for significantly less oil than many other cooking methods, you only need a modest drizzle or a small spritz to give the cauliflower a delicate but never overpowering char.

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Tips For Air Frying Cauliflower

Person using air fryer
Person using air fryer - Andreswd/Getty Images

Air fryers embody the spirit of convenience, which means that most recipes are easy to execute without Michelin-level skills or an exhausting amount of elbow grease. However, it's not impossible to mess up a batch of air-fried cauliflower, so keep these tips in mind for a perfectly roasted batch of cauliflower every time.

Although air fryers require minimal cooking oil for roasted cauliflower, a little bit can go a long way by aiding in the development of browning. Instead of adding oil directly to the pan as you would with a grilled cauliflower recipe, toss the veggies in a bowl with oil so that the cauliflower is evenly coated. If you're air-frying cauliflower from frozen, don't worry about thawing them -- you can toss them straight into the basket.

Line your air fryer with foil or parchment paper to avoid a mess. Keeping in mind that it can only withstand temperatures up to 428 degrees Fahrenheit, parchment paper is the superior option for lining your air fryer basket as the cauliflower can slide right onto your plate without sticking to the surface as it might with a foil liner. Finally, the smaller the cauliflower pieces are, the less time they will take to cook, so keep an eye out for that golden brown color and remove them once they've reached your desired texture.

Jazzing Up Air-Fried Cauliflower

Well-seasoned roasted cauliflower
Well-seasoned roasted cauliflower - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

There's nothing wrong with enjoying air-fried florets of cauliflower with nothing more than a drizzle of oil. However, if you're a flavor fanatic, here are some easy ways to zhuzh up your air-fried cauliflower.

Toss the cauliflower with oil, spices, and seasonings such as garlic and onion powder for a rich allium flair. Or try paprika for a smoky twist or za'atar for an herbaceous Middle Eastern flavor. Drizzle the finished product with a rich sauce like garlic aioli, tahini dressing, Buffalo sauce, or balsamic glaze to add depth of flavor. Added crunch from bacon bits, roasted chickpeas, or toasted breadcrumbs can provide a textural contrast to the tenderness of the cauliflower. Of course, you can never go wrong by dusting veggies with nutty parmesan cheese, tangy and soft feta, or nutritional yeast for a hit of vegan cheesiness.

Whether stuffing them into shells for a batch of Buffalo cauliflower tacos or packing them for a mid-day work snack, next time you're craving cauliflower, save yourself some time by roasting them in your air fryer. After all, why work harder when you can cook smarter?

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