Al Pacino Says His Offbeat Best Picture Delivery Was Decided by the Show’s Producers

Actor Al Pacino is coming forward to explain his awkward line delivery of the Best Picture Oscar at Sunday’s ceremony and admitting it was the show’s producers who made the decision, TheWrap has learned.

The move came after social media reacted to Pacino coming out to present the final award of the evening. “Ten wonderful films were nominated, but only one will take the award for best picture,” he said. He did not reiterate the films nominated for Best Picture, of which clips had been played throughout the ceremony.

Pacino simply came out, said “I have to go to the envelope for that, and I will. Here it comes. And my eyes see ‘Oppenheimer.’ Yes. Yes.” The reaction to the award started out rather muting, almost as if the room was confused on if “Oppenheimer” had actually won or not.

“I’m obsessed with the way Al Pacino announced ‘Oppenheimer’ as Best Picture.’ Couldn’t have been more chaotic or confusing lol,” one X (formerly Twitter) user said.

“There seems to be some controversy about my not mentioning every film by name last night before announcing the best picture award,” Pacino detailed in a statement released Monday. “I just want to be clear it was not my intention to omit them, rather a choice by the producers not to have them said again since they were highlighted individually throughout the ceremony.”

“I realize being nominated is a huge milestone in one’s life and to not be fully recognized is offensive and hurtful,” Pacino went on to say. “I say this as someone who profoundly relates with filmmakers, actors and producers so I deeply empathize with those who have been slighted by this oversight and it’s why I felt it necessary to make this statement.”

“Oppenheimer” would end the night with seven Academy Awards after being nominated in 13 categories.

The Hollywood Reporter initially reported this.

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