Amazon delivery truck stolen in Sacramento. Up to 8 suspects were involved, deputies say

An Amazon delivery truck was stolen Tuesday afternoon near the Lemon Hill area of unincorporated south Sacramento, authorities said.

The Amazon truck was stolen while the driver was out making a delivery, according to law enforcement. It was recovered at an apartment complex on Dewey Boulevard just north of Iowa Avenue around 1 p.m., according to Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Sgt. Amar Gandhi.

Roughly seven or eight suspects were allegedly involved in the delivery truck’s jacking, according to California Highway Patrol South Sacramento spokesman Officer Mark Leavitt.

Six stolen totes were recovered, but most packages were opened and the items missing, Leavitt said.

A perimeter was set up at the scene Tuesday afternoon, Gandhi said.

The Sheriff’s Office said California Highway Patrol’s South Sacramento office would take over the case Tuesday around 1:15 p.m.