An ambulance was reported stolen in Ontario. It was found 100 miles away in Idaho

Recent films have depicted dramatic ambulance heists — like “Ambulance” (2022) and “Madame Web” (2024). And sometimes art imitates life.

An ambulance was stolen from the Saint Alphonsus hospital June 24 in Ontario, according to a social media post by Treasure Valley Paramedics, an ambulance service based in Ontario.

Ultimately, it was found near Grand View, about 100 miles away, the Owyhee County Sheriff’s Office said on Facebook. Its doors were open. An older man at the scene had waved down a citizen and tried to open their vehicle door, the Sheriff’s Office said.

“Upon arriving, our deputies successfully de-escalated the situation and located both the ambulance and the suspect, who was then transported to the hospital for pre-existing medical concerns,” the Owyhee County Sheriff’s Office said on Facebook.

Treasure Valley Paramedics did not immediately return messages from the Statesman.