‘America’s Got Talent’: I went behind the scenes of the Season 19 auditions

This summer America’s Got Talent returns, and to celebrate the show’s first in-person auditions in L.A. since the COVID-19 pandemic, we sent Yahoo Entertainment’s Garin Flowers behind the scenes to get a special sneak peek at Season 19. Watch to see what really goes on backstage: hopes, dreams, laughs — and a Drake impersonation you definitely won’t see coming.

Video Transcript


GARIN FLOWERS: "America's Got Talent" returns this summer, but auditions are already underway. And I got to head backstage for a special sneak peek. All right, let's see what season 19 is all about. Let's go. Heading inside the Pasadena Convention Center, there was a lot of excitement in the air. And it was hard not to be inspired by the artists coming from near and far.


AHLIAH SHARP: Rancho Cucamonga.

CATHY ZHAO: San Francisco.

LUKE LIGTENBERG: I'm from the East Coast of Australia.

MUNGU: San Fernando Valley.

JACK NOEL: Lewes, Delaware, 3,000 miles away.

GARIN FLOWERS: There are all sorts of acts, singers, dancers, comedians, magicians, dog trainers, dog puppeteers, and my new friend David, who actually auditioned under the name parrot man a few years ago--

SIR FRANCIS DRAKE: How are you guys doing tonight?

GARIN FLOWERS: --but now goes by Sir Francis Drake.

SIR FRANCIS DRAKE: You know how I like it when you love it on me. Yes, it's God's plan. It's God's plan.

GARIN FLOWERS: Actually, there were a few people going for a second shot, including Jonathan Allen from season 8 and Kim Manning, the space queen, who auditioned in season two but did not move forward. The vibe was great. You could feel there was a lot of love in the room. Everyone I talked to had a lot of respect for the other acts.

KIM MANNING: This is where all the talent is.

GARIN FLOWERS: And as people started getting pulled for auditions, it was my time to leave. But I know I'll be watching to find out how everyone did.