Amy Poehler Says She Would Like To Be A Captain On Bravo’s ‘Below Deck’ & Shares Why She Wouldn’t Do Well On ‘Survivor’

Amy Poehler is sharing her love for reality TV and confessed that she would want to be a captain on Below Deck.

However, although the Inside Out 2 star said she would be down to take part in the Bravo reality series, she said she wouldn’t do well in a competition show like Survivor.

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“I would want to be the Captain on Below Deck,” she told Cosmopolitan UK in a recent interview. “It would be hard for me to not be the Captain, but, again, I do not know how to drive a boat, so I feel like that would get in the way.”

She continued, “You wouldn’t know at first. I’d fake it for a couple of days, I think, but then I’d get fired.”

The Saturday Night Live alum also explained why she likes the Bravo reality franchise.

“The reason why I like it is ’cause I like the job that everybody has to do,” she said. “Like, I care about whether or not they turn the boat over. I want to watch them clean the bathrooms and stuff. That’s what I’m into.”

She added, “I don’t get it with reality shows where everyone sits around and there’s no job, they just go to dinner. That gets me very stressed.”

Poehler said that she draws the line at more physical shows, adding, “I would definitely, probably, get out pretty early because I wouldn’t be so great at… I tend to kind of tell people in front of their back things rather than behind their back. So I think I’d get voted off pretty fast.”

Despite saying she would be eliminated early on in the competition, Poehler said, “I would leave with my head high. I don’t think I would leave in disgrace — I hope not! The tribe will have spoken, and I will accept the tribe’s word if they want to kick me out.”

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