Anderson Cooper Reveals Son Wyatt Has Lost His Teddy Bear Again: 'He Hasn't Noticed...Yet'

Wyatt previously lost his bear this past summer

<p>Anderson Cooper/Instagram</p> Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper/Instagram

Anderson Cooper's son Wyatt (R) and his lost bear (L)

Anderson Cooper is once again on the hunt for son Wyatt's teddy bear.

On Tuesday's episode of Live with Kelly and Mark, the journalist, 56, announced that his 3-year-old son Wyatt's teddy bear, whom he calls Brown Bear, has gone missing again.

"I'm embarrassed to even say. Benjamin took Wyatt to Paris to see some relatives and he brought Bear and Bear didn't come back," Cooper says, referencing his friend and co-parent Benjamin Maisani. "Bear has gone global, somewhere walking around Paris."

Referencing the last time that Brown Bear went missing, Cooper says that for all he knows, the stuffed animal may be still in the car.

"The last time we had this whole international hunt for this bear and it turned out to be under the front seat of the car where of course it was because that's where it was last seen."

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Asked how his son has been taking the news of his missing friend, Cooper tells co-hosts Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos that Wyatt "hasn't noticed...yet."

"Because of the sleuths on your staff and the global search that occurred before, I have two versions of the same bear."

However, Cooper notes that Wyatt seems to have moved past the saga.

"He seems to have moved beyond because this weekend, he received a John Deere Bulldozer. I think it's like, $250, I looked it up. It's the greatest gift, it's incredible. It has a never-ending battery. And he drives this battery inside and outside."

In July, Cooper recounted the tragic tale of his son Wyatt losing his beloved stuffed animal on an episode of Live with Kelly & Mark. At the time, the CNN host asked for help from the audience in locating another stuffed bear.

"Listen, our viewers out there, if you have any leads, please write in," Consuelos told the audience. "We need to send Wyatt his brown bear back. Is he upset about it?"

"Literally this morning when I went to get him, as he has done every morning for the last two weeks, the first thing he says is, 'Where's Brown Bear?' " Cooper shared.

In mid-September, the father of two came back on the show to announce that Brown Bear had been found — right where he'd last been seen.

"I was driving in the car one day up to Connecticut. And we had searched — I had searched everywhere. I had spent weeks searching. I had driven up to Connecticut and searched the lawn of my house, looking for this bear. I had gone on a trail in the forest with my son. I went on an ATV over the trail, looking for this thing. I had searched for months!" he recalled.

"And Benjamin, my partner in parenthood, he had searched the car and we divided up responsibilities as people do. So, weeks go by, these things haven’t arrived yet. I’m driving up to Connecticut with the kids and saying, ‘Oh the bear’s coming. Their cousins are coming, the bear’s brothers are coming to visit.' And I happen to look down. And there is the original bear."

Cooper noted that Maisani, with whom he also shares 22-month-old son Sebastian Luke, "swore he searched the car up and down."

"Of course I was happy I found it. But I can use this against him for the rest of his life. Every time there’s an argument, I’ll be like, ‘Well, what about the bear...,'" Cooper joked.

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