Animal shelter break-in leads to dogs being let loose and one dies, Kentucky cops say

A Kentucky animal shelter is reopening one day after dogs were freed from the facility in a reported break-in.

Several dogs were let loose from the Leitchfield Animal Shelter on Tuesday, Feb. 27, after a man broke into the building, police told WHAS.

Multiple dogs were discovered with “superficial injuries,” K105 reported, and one dog was found dead. It’s believed the dog was killed by one of the other freed dogs.

The animal shelter, about 75 miles southwest of Louisville, closed Tuesday as a result of the break-in.

“We had to endure something today and to help us recoup mentally and to help protect OUR physical safety and OUR babies’ physical safety, we have to keep people off our property,” the animal shelter said in a Facebook post.

A female dalmatian named Bug remained missing as of Wednesday morning, the animal shelter said. A dog named Richy was initially missing, but the shelter said he was later found safe.

An alleged suspect in the break-in has been identified through security footage, WHAS reported, but no arrests have been made.

The Leitchfield Animal Shelter said it would be reopening Wednesday, Feb. 28.

“Thank you for the continued support and love,” it said in a Facebook post.

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