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Anker Eufy robot vacuums and smart scales are up to 45 percent off

Some of the company's best, most affordable models are part of the sale.


If you’re in the market for a smart scale, one of the most feature-rich models you can buy is on sale. After a 38 percent discount, the Eufy Smart Scale P2 Pro is currently priced at $50 on Amazon, down from $80. The P2 Pro is on Engadget’s list of the best smart scales and for good reason. It’s affordable, well-made and can track 16 different measurements. You can use the P2 Pro to measure your body fat percentage, bone mass, water weight and more. In other words, it offers all the stat tracking a person could use to improve their lifestyle. The P2 Pro would be among the smart scales you could buy if not for the fact Anker, Eufy’s parent company, recently misled the public about the safety of its security cameras.

The P2 Pro is part of a broader sale that also sees Eufy’s robot vacuums discounted. For instance, the RoboVac G30, one of the best budget models you can buy, is 45 percent off, making it $175.98 at the moment. It features built-in WiFi, a feature you won’t find on some of Eufy’s more affordable robot vacuums; the company’s Smart Dynamic Navigation 2.0 software; and boundary strips you can use set up no-go zones.

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