Another quick hit of snow eyes Ontario before a warmup arrives

At least nobody can say that the weather’s been boring in Ontario lately.

After an impactful storm that closed roads and whipped up a bona fide blizzard in Hamilton on Friday, the province only caught a short breather on Saturday before looking toward the next weak system arriving Sunday.

Beyond this imminent system, we’re looking forward to a spell of milder air by midweek, and the potential for another system by the end of the week—just in time for folks to start returning home from March break.

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Relatively calm conditions graced the skies over Ontario on Saturday after a series of snowbound commutes on Friday that saw vacationers start their March breaks on a slow and rocky note.

Our next system is the same low that brought blizzard conditions to the southern Prairies on Saturday, leading to a near-whiteout in southeastern Saskatchewan for hours on end.


Thankfully, this system will lose much of its punch by the time it reaches the Great Lakes late Sunday, but we’re still looking at the potential for light snow accumulations through Monday.

Light snow and snow showers will linger throughout southern and eastern Ontario during the day Monday, with the best chance for steadier snow falling over eastern portions of the province.

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Folks around Ottawa could see just enough to shovel, while accumulations should remain more of a nuisance closer to the Greater Toronto Area.

However, even a tiny coating of snow can make roads slick, especially with air temperatures hovering around freezing. Travellers should plan some extra time into their drives on Monday to account for possible delays.


Behind this system, a surge of milder air will push into the region as an upper-level ridge builds over the eastern half of the country.

Temperatures will climb into the mid-single digits for much of southern Ontario by the middle of the week, with Thursday night seeing the potential for lows that remain above zero.


It won’t last long, unfortunately, as cooler air looks to return by the end of the week as forecasters watch the progress of another system that may threaten Ontario.

It's a complex setup that's still fuzzy this far out, so details on precipitation types or areas that might see the messiest conditions are still a few days from clarity. However, there is a chance this system could affect folks returning home from March break. Check back at the beginning of the week for more on this potential.

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