Antifreeze found in dog bowls around neighborhood where pet was shot, Indiana cops say

Dogs in an Indiana neighborhood were at risk of drinking antifreeze after it was discovered in their bowls, police said.

The antifreeze was found two days after a dog was shot in the same neighborhood, Utica police said on Facebook.

The dog was taken to a nearby hospital on Feb. 18. It is now back home with its owner and “has a long road of recovery ahead,” police said in a Facebook comment.

On Feb. 20, police asked residents to keep their animals “contained and within eyesight while outside” after antifreeze was found in multiple dog bowls, according to a Facebook post.

A small amount of antifreeze can be fatal to a dog if ingested, according to PetMD. If consumed, it can affect a dog’s gastrointestinal tract, liver, brain and kidneys.

The investigation is ongoing.

“We are asking everyone to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity and keep a close watch on your pet,” police said.

Utica is in southern Indiana, about 15 miles northeast of Louisville, Kentucky.

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