Apple Fans Horrified to Discover Vision Pro Can’t Play VR Porn

A 3D porn enthusiast mused the night before receiving their Apple Vision Pro headset that they were spending their "last night suffering" with their Meta Quest 3 — and was in for a very unwelcome surprise upon discovering the pricey goggles don't support VR porn at all.

As the unstoppable crew over at 404 Media report, some of the folks who purchased the $3,500 headsets and intended to use them for lewd ends have been complain about the lack of porn on the Vision Pro.

The concept of immersive 3D porn has long tantalized consumers and content creators alike. As VR technology creeps ever closer to actually being awesome, the community of people craving those adult experiences seems to have grown — and with it, apparently, their expectations.

"An ode to my last night suffering with being able to see the space between the pixels on my Meta Quest 3 while trying to watch VR porn, breaking my otherwise pristine immersive experience," the aforementioned inferior tech-endurer posted on the r/VisionPro subreddit. "Tomorrow ushers in a new frontier of masturbatory technology."

It didn't take long for that user — who went on to found the r/applevisionnsfw subreddit to try to crack the case — and others like them to figure out that the headset's maker precludes not only porn apps, but also, inexplicably, web-based VR porn as well. Someone even called it a "3500$ chastity belt," replete with several clown emojis.

As 404 points out, Apple founder Steve Jobs' hawkish anti-porn stance, which he called a "moral responsibility," seems to be holding firm with its latest big-ticket offering, making it not all that surprising that people can't download VR porn apps directly to their Vision Pros.

But as other immersive porn fans have mused, it's "pretty shocking" that they haven't been able to get web-based alternatives to work.

As the report explains, Apple has since 2022 allowed the use of WebXR, the API that VR porn makers typically use, on its Safari browser. Vision Pro is supposed to support it as well, but it apparently doesn't. The prevailing Reddit theory as to why it doesn't work is that until now, VR pornographers haven't needed to optimize their videos for Safari, so they just haven't — but if they want to capture the Vision Pro audience, which seems sizable indeed, they'd better get on that.

To be clear, browser-based porn does load on the Vision Pro's browser — but the simulated screen is flat, rather than immersive in the way these horndog headset-wearers want it to be.

There are some dedicated VR porn connoisseurs who have changed settings in Safari to optimize WebXR themselves, but even they say their limited success has been full of glitches and isn't much better than the flat 2D porn that does load on the Vision Pro's browser.

In the meantime, however, the Singapore-based sex toy brand Lovense did announce that its "Lovense Remote" app is optimized for Vision Pro, which means that long-distance lovers can control their partners' sex toys remotely "using intuitive hand gestures," as Venture Beat explained.

But for the terminally single who seem well-represented in the VR scene, that solution won't give much comfort.

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