Apple overhauled its two best iPad accessories. Here’s what’s new

Apple Pencil Pro

Apple has unveiled two new accessories for the iPad Pro 2024 models, an upgraded Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil that offer significant improvements compared to their previous versions.

The latest version of the Magic Keyboard has undergone a redesign, making it thinner and lighter than its predecessor. It is now available in two colors to complement the new iPad Pro models. Some new features include a function row equipped with screen brightness controls, an aluminum palm rest, and a larger trackpad with haptic feedback.

The Magic Keyboard for the 11-inch iPad Pro is $299, while the 13-inch iPad Pro is $349. They will be available with layouts for over 30 languages. You can preorder your new keyboard now, and the first shipments will arrive next week alongside the new iPad Pro models.

2024 Magic Keyboard

Apple also announced the Apple Pencil Pro. The new stylus promises to take the pencil experience to a new level. It’s equipped with a sensor in its barrel, which allows for new capabilities, such as squeezing the barrel to bring up a new tool palette. This palette lets you quickly switch between tools, line weights, and colors. The Pencil Pro also features a built-in haptic engine that provides feedback whenever you squeeze, double-tap, or snap to a Smart Shape. The Pencil Pro’s internal gyroscope allows for more precise control by rolling the pencil.

The new Apple Pencil Pro is compatible with the new iPad Pro and costs $129. Preorders start now, and the first shipments will arrive next week.

On Tuesday, Apple also announced two new iPad Air models. These and the new iPad Pro models arrive a month before Apple is likely to announce iPadOS 18 at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference.