Apple Vision Pro goes on sale as first customers receive $3,500 headset

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Apple’s Vision Pro has finally gone on sale, allowing the first customers to get their hands on the $3,500 computer.

The augmented reality headset – called a “spatial computer” by Apple – was launched last year. The company suggested that it marks not only a major new product category for Apple but a whole new form of computing.

In Apple’s results call, hours before the launch, chief executive Tim Cook called the headset “the most advanced personal electronics device ever. “Apple Vision Pro is a revolutionary device built on decades of Apple innovation and it’s years ahead of anything else,” he said.

It went on sale on Friday morning in Apple Stores across the US, after pre-orders opened two weeks ago. Customers could pick up their headsets from stores or have them shipped.

The headset has been met by largely glowing reviews, though some have pointed out some issues with the headset. Early reviews pointed to the weight and the dark nature of the “EyeSight” display on the outside of the headset as possible concerns.

Some notable developers including Netflix and YouTube have also opted not to make their apps available on the new platform. Apple has pointed to more than 600 apps that have been made for Vision Pro, however, which includes most other major streaming services.

Apple is thought to have sold more than 200,000 of the headsets, according to the latest reports. The company has not officially revealed how many of the products it has sold, or how many it intends to make.

The Vision Pro is still only available in the US, and customers from elsewhere could face issues if they import an American version of the headset. Apple has only said that they will go on sale in other countries later this year.