Apple is working on a futuristic iPhone feature that sounds too good to be true

A person holding the Apple iPhone 15 Plus.
A person holding the Apple iPhone 15 Plus.

Apple’s numerous teams are constantly working on innovative projects and regularly file new patents for them. One of the company’s recent patents pertains to a new feature for the iPhone that, if brought to fruition, could significantly transform how we use our mobile devices.

Patently Apple recently discovered a new patent that covers a concept for a new iPhone that would allow you to replace the standard back panel with something else. In other words, it would add modularization to the iPhone.

According to the patent, this “supplemental housing component” could feature extra batteries, health-monitoring devices like a glucose meter, cameras, auxiliary speakers, and more.

Various companies have tried modularization with different levels of success. For example, Motorola ventured into modular phones with its Moto Z series, while Fairphone provides modular parts like batteries and screens that users can easily replace. What Apple envisions, however, sounds groundbreaking and beyond what other companies have done.

Motorola’s modular Moto Z phone Julian Chokkattu / Digital Trends

Just picture this: As a diabetic, you could check your blood sugar levels using a meter attached to the back of your iPhone. As a photographer, you could upgrade your iPhone’s rear camera system with even better hardware. Let’s consider other options: third-party speakers to enhance your music or a rear flashlight for better nighttime safety.

Before becoming too enthusiastic, it is important to note that Apple files numerous patents yearly, but many never materialize as actual products or features. And yet, we can still dream.

Personally, I like the idea of an iPhone that can repair itself better, but as a diabetic, being able to stick a glucose meter on the back of my iPhone would be incredible. Maybe I’ll eventually get it on my iPhone 23 Pro Max Ultra.