I Asked A Baby Sleep Training Expert To Rate TikTok Hacks. Here's How It Went

Close up portrait of sleeping baby 9 months old.
Close up portrait of sleeping baby 9 months old. Senko Nelly via Getty Images

During parenthood, one of the biggest challenges I found for the first year of my child’s life was sleep. New parents lose up to three hours of sleep every night of their baby’s first year – which adds up to an insane 133 nights’ worth of sleep in 12 months.

I recall trying every hack, tip and suggestion to get my child to sleep and sometimes it worked, sometimes teething got in the way.

It’s no secret that sleep is crucial for both the parents and the baby, Kelly Nairne, marketing director at Bugaboo says: “Making sure your baby drifts off fast will give you a few extra moments of sleep. Parenting can be full of challenges, and being able to make quick decisions on little sleep isn’t easy. So, finding some tried and tested means of soothing your baby to sleep is a must for any new parent.”

So, experts at Bugaboo have debunked the countless hacks going around on social media!

The ‘French baby hack’

TikTok user @babysleepteam, who has 1.3 million likes on her account, might have the right hack for you. This “French baby hack” helps your baby settle themselves when they wake up at night, making going back to sleep a little bit easier for you and your little one.

This hack is called “la pause” and it means is that you wait a minute or two before checking on your baby when they wake up at night.

As adults, we all wake up in the middle of the night sometimes but as we have been trained for years we just don’t notice it.

According to Bugaboo experts, using this hack gives your child a minute to stir and self-soothe before drifting back to sleep.

Babies can be noisy during all stages of the sleep cycle, so giving yourself some time to tell whether it is genuine upset or simply a disgruntled baby trying to go back to sleep can prevent you from waking them up further.

Baby burping for easy drift off

We’ve all tried to force sleep when we’ve been uncomfortable before and it is rare that it is successful — well, we agree it is the same for your little ones too. Bugaboo experts say making sure your baby is as comfortable as possible when going to sleep is essential for a well-rested baby (and parents!).

Another TikToker, @littleonesbabysleep, suggests in a video that has 84.9k likes that your baby might not be able to settle or stay asleep due to trapped wind.

They recommend making sure that your baby has had two “really good” burps before being put down to rest. This way, they’re not uncomfortable or stuck with trapped wind as they try to fall asleep.

She also recommends knowing the right awake time for your baby so that they’re not going to bed overly tired – which can make your little ones more difficult to settle. At a couple of weeks, one and a half hours is the maximum awake time, including feeds. Every baby is unique when it comes to awake and sleep time, so finding the right time for your baby might take a couple of tried.

Soothing strokes

Sometimes, all your baby needs is a bit of comfort and soothing for them to drift off into a deep sleep. While rocking has been a favourite in the past for many parents, with the image of rocking a baby to sleep printed across media, it can be even easier than that.

TikToker @kahlmi, who has 3 million likes on their profile, recommends a soothing technique for getting your baby to sleep. Instead of the intensive walking and bouncing, all you have to do is gently rub your baby’s face. Start from forehead and brush your finger down the bridge of their nose, then stroke the eyebrows from inside to outside to help calm your baby.

Not only will the skin-to-skin contact, and your presence, help to soothe your little one but by stroking their face in these motions, you encourage your baby to close their eyes — helping them nod off a little bit faster.

The containment hold

Putting your baby down once they’re asleep can be one of the most difficult tasks, with the transition often causing your baby to wake up. If you’re having difficulty getting your baby to fall asleep in their cot, but you can’t seem to put them down without waking them up, then this hack could be your dream answer.

TikTok account @ewanandfriends, who has 3.5 million likes on their account, recommends a containment hold to keep your baby restfully asleep even when you transfer them to their cot. All you have to do is place them inside, resting one hand gently on their head and forehead and the other applying gentle pressure to their stomach.

When you think your baby is settled, start gently stroking their forehead with your hand – removing it once you feel comfortable that your baby is settled. Once you’re sure they’re fast asleep, gently remove your hand from their stomach too and they should remain asleep.

So, what’s the best option?

Putting your baby to sleep doesn’t have to be stressful for you or for your baby. By trying soothing techniques and making sure your baby is comfortable when they head to bed, you can ensure a good night’s rest for you and your child. Whether it is planning naps to the right time or waiting before waking them up from their noisy sleep, there’s plenty of advice online.