Assiniboine River to crest in Brandon on Monday, city says

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Assiniboine River to crest in Brandon on Monday, city says

Brandon officials expect water levels on the Assiniboine River to crest sometime on Monday as crews continue to monitor the city's dike system and water seeps onto one of the city's main traffic arteries. 

The Assiniboine River was at 1,179.24 feet above sea level at First Street on Monday morning, city officials said. That's about four feet lower than the peak level during the 2014 flood. 

On Sunday, water started to seep onto First Street, a main artery in the city, coming under Aqua Dams placed alongside the road to prevent river water from washing over it. On Monday morning, northbound traffic had to drive though water.

However, the city said there is no plan to close the street. 

1 home sandbagged 

So far, only one home in the city has needed sandbagging. About 30 volunteers placed 4,500 sandbags around Dave Barnes' home in the city's east end. 

City officials asked residents to stay clear of the city's dike system, as well as Dinsdale Park and Queen Elizabeth Park, which have flooded.

There is still no plan to evacuate any residential or commercial areas near the river, city officials said.