Astonishingly close view of majestic giraffe peacefully eating on the African plain

The giraffe is one of the most beautiful and majestic animals on the planet. It holds the title as the tallest terrestrial animal and the largest ruminant on earth. It's long neck and striking pattern make it instantly recognized. Giraffes reach a height of 5.7 m (18.7 ft). Fully grown females reach a weight of 1,192 kg (2,628 lb) Females are slightly smaller. Giraffes hold several titles including being the animal with the longest tongue and the strongest tongue. Giraffes have uniquely adapted skull bones to allow them to bend their head back so they can access leaves directly above them. When drought strikes a region, the giraffe has very little competition as it easily reaches the highest foliage. But researchers believe that there is also a possibility that the giraffes with the longest necks require more nutrients than their counterparts, placing them at a disadvantage. The bone structure in a giraffe's head even gives them a very powerful weapon. The bony horns on the top of their head is used in combat with other giraffes to establish dominance. It is also used to deliver extremely powerful blows to predators such as lions and hyenas. With their long neck, they can swing their head like a club. Giraffes are fast runners, being able to maintain speeds of 50km/h (31mph) over great distances and up to 60km/h (37mph) for shorter sprints. This allows them to outrun many predators. A giraffe has a very large heart in comparison with other animals. It also possesses extremely strong esophageal muscles to allow food to pass back up to the mouth for rumination. Giraffes are truly a marvel of nature and a sight to behold. This magnificent animal is part of a wild herd in Kenya, Africa. A close look at a giraffe casually eating in the wild is something that will never be forgotten.