Atwal tired of being 'raked over the coals' in the media, says his lawyer

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    Well if he didn't bring it on himself there would be no fallout or comments .
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    This guy is a liberal hero
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    please come to canada, we will worship and will love you! we will make you rich too!
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    HE IS CONVICTED OF ATTEMPTED MURDER AND GOT 20 YEARS. That is a fact. No assumed. No accused. But proven to have tried to kill another person here on Canadian soil. He should be happy only served 5 years in jail and the rest on parole. Yes he is a father, grandfather, and now older, but you can can say the same for Saddam Hussein, or Osama Bin Laden. All older men with families, but still saw very little value in other people's lives.
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    So now he’ll sue the Cdn Gov for harassment and be awarded 10 million.
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    Quick JT break out the chequebook...I sense more crocodile tears and another 10.5 million dollar apology coming.
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    Assimilate or vacate!!
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    He should be thankful the Indian government did not arrange his termination while there. Nothing more ...
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    I see another payout in the works ala Khadr.
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    Bobby B
    Only the CBC would report such a sob story. Trudeau should have NOT invited this convicted criminal in the first place.