Audio Of Trump Talking About Taylor Swift's Looks Is Creeping Everyone TF Out

Donald Trump repeatedly fawned over Taylor Swift in newly released audio ― but it’s not her skills as a singer, songwriter and live performer that had the former president so enchanted.

It’s her looks.

In audio from author Ramin Setoodeh that was played Wednesday on CNN, Trump says he has heard that Swift is talented, but largely focused on how “beautiful” she is.

He used that word five times in about 20 seconds:

A transcript released about a fortnight ago also shows Trump fawning over Swift’s beauty while he admits her music is a blank space to him as he doesn’t know it all too well.

He also questioned whether Swift is liberal, or just pretending.

Swift hasn’t said much yet about the 2024 race other than to encourage fans to vote in the primaries, but in 2020 slammed Trump for “stoking the fires of white supremacy and racism.”

She endorsed President Joe Biden in 2020, and Biden’s team is reportedly hoping she will do so again.

Trump’s critics on X (formerly Twitter) found his latest comments about her looks to be more than a little creepy: