Authorities confirm 11th death in Monterey Park shooting; 3 victims named

At a press conference on Monday, Sheriff Robert Luna confirmed that an 11th victim had died from the mass shooting in Monterey Park, Calif., on Saturday night. Luna also released the names of three of those who were killed.

Video Transcript

ROBERT LUNA: I think some of this information may have gotten out the last several hours, but I do regret to inform everybody that we did, unfortunately, have an 11th victim that passed away. So now, we have a total of 11 victims that unfortunately have died as a result of this tragic incident.

I also want to share the names of three victims in which-- and this is a key, I'm sharing these because the next of kin notifications have been completed. That's number one, My Nhan, female, 65 years of age, Lillian Li, female, 63 years of age, and Alvaro Valentino, a male, 68 years of age.

I'm going to pause there for a second. It's not so much because the sirens going by. But when you think of it, these are three people who aren't with us anymore, three families who will never be the same. And we have to remember that as we're talking about these, at the end of the day, it truly should be about the victims and their families and the support and love, our prayers, our thoughts should be with all of them as we move forward.