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It's not easy picking a favorite

Favorite game? Of all time? That's a toughie.

Our staff varies in age, but every one of us hails from an age where playing video games was just a part of growing up. As you'd expect from a group of automotive enthusiasts, there are a couple of racing games represented, one of them comparatively old school and one of them nearly new. But a bunch of these titles have nothing to do with cars or racing. They are also spread across a variety of consoles and systems, from the early days when modems meant you couldn't talk on the phone and play games at the same time to the rich multiplayer ecosystems of the present.

Without further ado, click on the image above to see which video games were chosen by our staff as the greatest of all time.

The Autoblog staff's favorite video games of all time

It's not easy to choose a favorite game of all time. Some of our picks involve lots of driving, but some have nothing to do with cars at all.