Autopsy reveals ex-cop died of natural causes in jail

RCMP say a former Winnipeg police officer who was found dead in a Manitoba jail Tuesday died of natural causes.

Richard Dow was serving an 18-month sentence for 11 counts of sexual assault at Headingley Correctional Institute when he was found unconcious around 10:30 a.m.

RCMP said efforts to revive the 58-year-old Dow were unsuccessful.

An autopsy revealed Dow died of natural causes, and RCMP said foul play is not suspected.

His lawyer, Crystal Antila, said she was shocked to hear of Dow’s death yesterday.

“Well of course we had a lot of safety concerns for Mr. Dow within the institution, that was something that had been stressed at his sentencing hearing,” said Antila.

“My first thought was that maybe something terrible had happened,” said Antila.

She said she wasn’t aware of any health problems Dow may have had.

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