Ayo Edebiri addressed her past comment that J.Lo's career was 'one long scam,' saying she was '24 and stupid'

  • Ayo Edebiri spoke about her past criticism of Jennifer Lopez on "Saturday Night Live."

  • Edebiri said she was "24 and stupid" when she made jokes about Lopez's singing abilities.

  • In a 2020 podcast episode, Edebiri called the singer's career "one long scam."

Ayo Edebiri appeared to reference her past criticism of Jennifer Lopez on an episode of "Saturday Night Live" this week.

Her criticism of Lopez drew renewed attention after it was announced that Edebiri would be hosting the sketch show while Lopez would be appearing as a musical act.

TMZ resurfaced a clip of the "Bottoms" actor appearing on the "Scam Goddess" podcast in 2020, in which she said that Lopez's career was "one long scam."

During this week's SNL, Edebiri played a contestant on a game show called "Why'd You Say It," where "The Bear" star joined Andrew Dismukes and Chloe Fineman to play a game where contestants are forced to explain comments they've left on Instagram posts.

After each contestant has taken a turn, Edebiri's character can't take it anymore.

"Okay! We get it," she said.

"It's wrong to leave mean comments or post comments just for clout or run your mouth on a podcast and you don't consider the impact because you're 24 and stupid," she continued, as the studio audience began to cheer.

"But I think I speak for everyone when I say from now on, we're going to be a lot more thoughtful about what we post online," Edebiri added.

Edebiri's past remarks about Lopez's career came as she and host Laci Mosley were discussing the "I'm Real" singer and her Super Bowl LIV performance that year.

"She thinks she's on multiple tracks, but it's not her. She thinks that she's still good even though she's not singing for most of these songs," Edebiri said at the time, echoing previous claims that Lopez has used ghost singers.

Artists such as Ashanti and Christina Milian have previously claimed that Lopez used their vocals for some of her music, adding to the rumors.

In 2018, Lopez told The New York Post that she was "hurt" by people saying she couldn't sing, but she said she was eventually able to brush it off.

"Everybody was like, 'She can't sing. She can't dance. She can't act. She's just a pretty face or her butt is big,' or whatever they were saying about me," Lopez said. "I started thinking, 'Yeah, that's true,' and it really hurt me for a long time. Despite the hurt and the pain, I just kept going. I just couldn't allow myself to let that become who I was."

Representatives for Edebiri and Lopez did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Business Insider.

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