Baby bursts into tears during his 'Happy Birthday' song

Harvey turned two years old on May 10, 2021. While family gathered in a tiny group because of covid-19 restriction in Langley British Columbia, fun was still had. When Harvey's dad came around the corner with the cupcake birthday cake lit with a big number 2 ablaze, Harvey was not very impressed. Did he think he was too old now? Did Harvey think his family sounded horrible singing him Happy Birthday? Most likely, he was feeling a little bit overwhelmed after opening many gifts from his Grandpa, Nana, aunty, and his parents. Once the initial shock subsided and Harvey realized the cupcakes were for him, he calmed a little. Who wouldn't calm when being brought several delicious chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. What an exciting day for everyone and Harvey enjoyed his new tree swing from Grandpa, Hotwheels cars, clothing and fishing equipment from his aunty, and more clothes from his Nana. Family is everything to this family, so being together in these tough times was very special. Happy Second Birthday, Harvey!

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