Baby sea lions are the happiest creatures in the ocean

Often called "sea dogs" or "ocean puppies", sea lions are among the most playful and happy of all the creatures in the ocean. The young sea lions frolic in the water and on the beaches, living a life of leisure while their mothers are out hunting for food. This is the Galapagos Islands and the sea lions cover almost every rocky shore and sandy beach available. Sea lions this size would be easy prey for sharks that inhabit the water around the Galapagos. The pups are wise not to venture out into the deep until they are full grown. The sea lion colonies consist of a few dozen females, their young, and one adult male who watches over his ladies with a protective eye. He will also protect the young sea lions in the colony from any harm that might come to them on land. The females go out several times a day in search of octopus, eels, fish, or any other food they can find. Agile and quick, they are able to catch food under the surface, often 30m deep. They can hold their breath for long periods of time as they hunt. They return to shore, tired from their efforts and they sleep on the sand while their pups eagerly drink their milk. The baby sea lions pass the time chasing each other on the sand or in the surf, barking and rolling around, having a great time. They truly seem like the happiest of animals as they play, nurse, sleep, and repeat. Curious creatures, young sea lions will often approach humans, but a human touching a baby sea lion will mean that it will be rejected by the mother and it will starve to death. When sea lions are young, they roam the beach in search of their mothers, hungry for milk. But not all mothers return from the ocean and the cries of their starving pups is one of the most heart breaking sounds imaginable. These pups are well fed and they are all thriving. In most cases, the mothers return with a full belly, and also full of milk for their pups. But while the mothers are away, the sea lions pups will play happily in the sunshine.