“Bachelor” Contestant Does Quick-Change During Date with Joey Graziadei — and Wows Him with an Even Sexier Look!

Maria Georgas dazzled Joey with her daring fashion, ultimately leading to their steamy makeout sesh

<p>The Bachelor/tiktok</p> Maria Georgas makes sexy quick-change during her date with Joey Graziadeis

The Bachelor/tiktok

Maria Georgas makes sexy quick-change during her date with Joey Graziadeis

The Bachelor contestant Maria Georgas had a little trick up her sleeve to win over Joey Graziadei’s affection.

On Monday’s episode, Maria, a 29-year-old executive assistant from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, got the chance to have an intimate conversation with Joey away from the rest of the ladies — and she took the moment as an opportunity to show off her sexy style.

Mid-conversation, Maria excused herself to change into another outfit. “Listen, I can’t breathe in this dress,” she said of the plunging white mini she was wearing. “I’m gonna go quickly slip into something more comfortable, but I’ll be right back,” she said cheekily.

“She’s gonna keep me on my toes, there’s zero doubt about that,” Joey, 28, said to himself, slightly surprised.

“I just feel like we are really having a good time, and I love what I see from Maria, but I really wanna see more,” Joey said in a confessional.

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And just like that, the clip cuts to Maria returning in a skin-baring two-piece set featuring a maxi skirt and a teeny-tiny top.

“I promise you I’m not trying to seduce you, but if it’s working I’ll take it. I swear this is literally more comfortable than what I had on before,” she teased.

"I'm hoping that when Joey goes to sleep, I am the only thing on his mind,” she added during her confessional.

The two tried to continue their conversation but Joey was distracted and definitely had something else on his mind. “Since you’re wearing this, all I can think about is…” he began before Maria leaned in for a steamy kiss.

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<p>Christopher Willard/ABC via Getty</p> Joey Graziadei

Christopher Willard/ABC via Getty

Joey Graziadei

Although Joey’s season has just begun, it’s already been filled with fiery drama.

During the premiere episode on Jan. 22, he got to meet all 32 of the women vying for his final rose (the most contestants on any season in the franchise), including Lea Cayanan, who received a first-of-its-kind mystery card that gave her the chance to take a one-on-one date from another woman at any point before hometowns.

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However, the decision weighed heavily on her mind and, after deciding that she would give Joey more “autonomy” by not interfering with his dates with the other women, Lea tossed the card in a fire.

“If I’m not Joey’s person at the end of this, then I’m not,” Lea told Joey. “And if I am, I am and it’s not going to matter if I get a little card.”

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