‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Cast Reveals Their Vote for Next Bachelor and Bachelorette

As this season of “Bachelor in Paradise” comes to a close, the “BIP” cast revealed their votes for what Bachelor Nation staple they would like to see as the next Bachelor and Bachelorette and the votes are in.

Rodney was the clear pick for the next Bachelor, with votes tallied from Genevieve, Jacob, Serene, Brandon, Jessenia, Eliza, Jill, Brittany, Sierra and Kate, to name a few.

“Rodney deserves this, honestly, after what he’s gone through,” Jacob told TheWrap while Genevieve said. “He is so deserving of love.” “I think everybody’s on the same page,” Jill added.

Despite the widespread support, Rodney hasn’t decided if he’s up for the job if the opportunity presented itself.

“That [decision] would be a tough one,” Rodney told TheWrap, adding that all of his friends would make him take the gig if offered. “I would be grateful for the opportunity … it would be a fun season, I know that for sure. I bring a lot of energy and a different charisma into the room … [and] I’m so grateful that my cast sees that and they know how much I love that … Who knows?”

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Other honorable mentions for the Bachelor include Aaron, Logan and Johnny, all of whom did not get the fairytale ending they were seeking out at the beach.

“I think that [Aaron has] never been anything but himself; for better for worse, he’s never pretended to be anything he’s not,” Logan told TheWrap, which Jacob echoed by saying Aaron would be a “funny Bachelor.” “You could say the same thing for Johnny,” Logan added.

Johnny also tallied a vote for himself, saying “I think that would be a great season; we’d have some fun.”

“There’s there’s a lot of guys that can be it,” Jacob added. “Even though Logan’s sometimes got a bad rap, I love Logan, he’s one of my besties.”

Joe Amabile also threw out a wildcard by suggesting Tyler Cameron, a choice Serena Pitt said would make Bachelor Nation go crazy.

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As for Bachelorette, the votes were a bit more spread out, with picks ranging from Jill to Shanae.

“I would watch Shanae be the Bachelorette,” Sierra told TheWrap. “She would be able to put on a really good, entertaining season.”

“Shanae kinda played bachelorette this year, herself,” Serena added. “She dated a lot of dudes this season so she had a little practice run.”

“All the men that would be on that season would have to be so headstrong,” Sierra continued. “It would just be a different dynamic of men. i don’t think anybody’s ever seen before a woman so strong-headed and they wouldn’t really have to cast that right … it would bring something new to the table.”

Serene’s vote was with Jill, who Serene says is “such a good, relatable person.” “Jill is what we all have on the inside that we just are not honorable enough to show and I love that so much about her,” she said.

Jill wasn’t so sold, though, saying “they would have to pay me a lot of money … I don’t know if I would do this again.”

Brittany also cast her pick for Natasha, who she says “is deserving of love … [and] the opportunity to have so many men pursue her,” while Danielle spotlighted Florence, who she says is “level-headed” and “quick-witted.”

As other Bachelor Nation staples cast their vote, Jacob voted for Sierra, Joe was sold on Genevieve and Johnny put his money on Lace for Bachelorette, adding that he wanted to see her happy.