Badr Berrada: The Man Behind the Great Success of BBN Times

New entrepreneurs enter the world of entrepreneurship with big ambitions, creativity, and an immense drive to succeed. Four years ago, Badr Berrada set off on his entrepreneurship journey with passionate dreams to succeed. He set his sights on breaking into the media content industry with his exciting venture – BBN Times (based in London) – to bring about a revolution in this field.

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Meet Badr Berrada, the young tech entrepreneur and international best-selling author from London! He is the CEO and founder of BBN Times, a leading media platform that connects inspiring CEOs, industry experts, government officials, and international best sellers with readers through thought-provoking content. The uniqueness of BBN Times lies in its sophistication in offering unique, premium-quality, unbiased content to its subscribers.

Hailing from Morocco, Badr completed his graduation from a business school following which he pursued a master’s degree from the London School of Economics (LSE). He started with a career in the banking sector and then a short period later, he launched his own company – BBN Times – with the aim of revolutionizing mainstream media by giving a platform for those who wanted to gain knowledge about the latest tech and business trends free from editorial bias.

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Things haven’t been plain-sailing for Badr in this industry. He has gone through setbacks, but facing these challenges was a humbling experience for him. He built the tenacity to keep going when things seemed to fail. He learnt resilience and pushed himself to strive for excellence.

His efforts didn’t go in vain. Today, he manages a team of over 150 reputed industry experts. His first two books are Amazon best-sellers. He is also co-authoring his third book with a solar system ambassador from NASA to help next-generation entrepreneurs. He has been featured in leading publications such as Herald Tribune, Forbes, and Thrive Global.

One of his recipes for success is that Badr has always motivated his team to focus on being a media team that can create a positive impact through compelling content that can engage readers, rather than being one that fills the web with useless spam.

The mission of BBN Times is to connect readers with influencers without the price tag. Elaborating on this mission, Badr was quoted as saying – “We are not driven by any religious, social, or political ideology. Our mission statement is our only driver. And, of course, this significantly impacts our content in that it is not tweaked by affiliation or ideology.

This successful tech entrepreneur strongly believes in reinventing himself by introducing new processes and adopting evolving technologies. With the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), he has integrated an audio option across all articles on BBN Times to ensure equal access to information. He also has plans to invest in eLearning and Augmented Reality (AR) to keep up with the latest tech trends.

Bad Berrada’s journey is far from over and he will continue to grow as BBN Times evolves to greater heights.