Bail set for Shelton man accused of eluding Thurston Sheriff, hiding in chicken coop

A 29-year-old Shelton driver accused of fleeing from Sheriff Derek Sander last week is being held in Thurston County jail in lieu of $10,000 bail.

Tanner Donny Ray Lofgren attended his preliminary appearance hearing in Thurston County Superior Court on Monday, about three days after deputies found him hiding in an area chicken coop.

Deputies booked the man into jail Friday on suspicion of attempting to elude Sanders at high speeds and hit and run unattended. The Sheriff’s Office posted about the pursuit on social media last week, saying Lofgren had 23 prior arrests. Court records show he has numerous open felony and misdemeanor cases and a criminal history dating back to 2013.

Judge Christopher Lanese set the bail amount Monday after finding probable cause for third-degree driving while having a suspended or revoked license, driving without an ignition interlock and attempting to elude a pursuing police vehicle.

In doing so, Lanese determined the court could not be assured Lofgren would return to court when required and there existed a substantial danger he may commit a violent crime.

A probable cause statement described the investigation into the Lofgren and the events leading to his arrest from the perspective of law enforcement.

The pursuit began at about 10 p.m. Thursday on the 5800 block of Martin Way East after Sanders allegedly spotted Lofgren speed past traffic in a truck.

The statement alleges Lofgren made a sweeping right hand turn, without signaling, onto southbound Carpenter Road Southeast through a red light.

Lofgren allegedly swerved through traffic and even drove in the on-coming lane at speeds exceeding 70 miles per hour. As this happened, Sanders reportedly witnessed Lofgren run other vehicles into the shoulder.

At the intersection of Mullen and Meridian roads, Lofgren allegedly ran a stop sign at 80 miles per hour and missed another car by about 5-10 feet.

“Had the suspect vehicle struck the uninvolved motorist, it almost certainly would have resulted in a serious injury or fatal collision,” the statement says.

Sanders lost sight of Lofgren as he slowed down to clear the intersection. However, he later found the vehicle Lofgren drove “wrecked out” in the curve of the 4600 block of Mullen Road Southeast, per the statement.

No one was in the vehicle when Sanders approached it, however he did find Lofgren’s wallet at the scene. A K9 dog was called in to search the area, but the statement says the dog was unable to find Lofgren.

Inside the vehicle, Sanders reportedly found Lofgren’s phone and drug paraphernalia. Sanders the ran the plate of the truck and found it belonged to a 1994 green GMC Sierra that “definitely” did not match the vehicle, according to the statement.

Using a name visible on the phone’s lock screen, a deputy managed to contact one of Lofgren’s relatives. They reportedly told the deputy they were unsure of Lofgren’s whereabouts but that he was expected to be at a Seattle hospital to visit another family member.

At about 1:48 a.m. Friday, the statement says a local resident reported a man matching Lofgren’s description knocked at his door and asked to use a phone. The resident turned the man away but allegedly saw him duck into the tree line when a patrol vehicle drove by.

Another Mullen Road resident called 911 at about 6:55 a.m. to report a trespasser in his chicken coop. Deputies and a K9 dog responded to the scene and surrounded the coop.

The deputies commanded Lofgren to exit the coop and arrested him “without incident,” according to the statement. Deputies reportedly did not read Lofgren his Miranda Rights because they did not intend to question him.

Shelton man is arrested for the 24th time, Thurston County Sheriff says