'The Ballad Of Travis Kelce': Jimmy Fallon Spins Athlete's Old Tweets Into Rap Song

Travis Kelce’s old tweets have officially become late night material.

The NFL player, who is dating singer Taylor Swift and recently saw some of his most obscure internet posts resurface as a result, was celebrated for those tweets on Friday’s episode of “The Tonight Show” — with the debut of a new song, “The Ballad of Travis Kelce.”

“Travis used to tweet a lot. Nah, he wouldn’t quit,” rhymed Black Thought, a member of house band The Roots — before host Jimmy Fallon interjected with a typo-ridden post from Kelce about a squirrel: “I just gave a squirle a peice of bread and it straight smashed all of it!!!!”

“Now this guy’s with Taylor Swift and, yeah, the two are dating,” Black Thought then rapped, only for Fallon to jump back in with more of Kelce’s own words: “I had no idea they ate bread like that!! Haha #crazy.”

Internet users had dug up the Kansas City Chiefs star’s old posts on X, the platform formerly called Twitter, as his relationship with Swift boosted his fame. Rumors about a possible romance began circulating months ago, and the two eventually hard-launched their relationship in October.

“Sometimes they were simple and sometimes they were clever,” Black Thought rapped about Kelce’s posts on “The Tonight Show,” with Fallon proving that point with another old tweet: “haven’t been to [restaurant chain Dave & Buster’s] ... in 4ever.”

Jimmy Fallon humorously mocked Travis Kelce on
Jimmy Fallon humorously mocked Travis Kelce on

Jimmy Fallon humorously mocked Travis Kelce on "The Tonight Show."

Amid all the gossip about Kelce and Swift, the Ohio native has chronicled what it’s like to be with the megastar on his podcast. And while he noted in September that he’d like fans “to respect both of our lives,” the relationship has unwittingly helped some of his most hilarious tweets come to light.

“The moon looks crazy tonight… Imma chill out here for a little and just visualize my success n vibe to the scenary,” he tweeted in 2010.

On their show, Fallon and Black Thought naturally gravitated to similarly humorous posts.

“Sometimes he was really deep. The whole world he’d inspire,” rapped Black Thought, before Fallon finished the couplet with another quote from the tight end: “The most powerful weapon on this earth is the human soul on fire!”

The duo continued in call-and-response fashion, rapping, “Then he’d take it down a notch and keep things super light,” followed by, “’Bout to get some Taco Bell!!! n see what’s poppin tonight.”

Kelce has stopped tweeting as much as he used to, though his “New Heights” podcast may now be filling that void. The NFL star, whom “The View” host Joy Behar recently called “illiterate,” is certainly living in a much brighter spotlight these days.

After Swift canceled a concert in Buenos Aires, Argentina, this month due to a forecast storm, she and Kelce stayed in her hotel room for the entire evening, which he addressed on an episode of his podcast this week.

“The only night we had a chance to go to dinner was the night the show got postponed, so we didn’t want to just go and have a blast throughout the city like we didn’t care about the show,” he said. “So we made sure we stayed in the hotel and kind of kept to ourselves.”