Bam Margera marries for a third time

Bam Margera and Dannii Marie are married credit:Bang Showbiz
Bam Margera and Dannii Marie are married credit:Bang Showbiz

Bam Margera married his fiancee Dannii Marie in New Mexico on Tuesday (28.05.24).

The 44-year-old 'Jackass' star tied the knot for the third time when he exchanged vows with actress Dannii at the Val Verde Historic Hotel in Socorro County, New Mexico, where the couple are believed to be on location filming a new movie called 'Collecting Souls' together.

According to, Bam fought back tears during his vows as he credited his new wife with helping him get sober after years of addiction issues. He said: "Exactly one year ago, I was checking into the Sunset Marquis in Los Angeles to check out. I bought enough drugs to not want to wake up and I said, ‘God if I do wake up, eff you, but you better deliver me the hottest eye candy with A-cup t**s and a tan pitbull'."

He added: "I love you and I’ll love you forever and I’ll take care of you. You got rid of all the d***heads and goons and made me stop drinking and got me back to skateboarding and I cannot thank you enough."

Bam later confirmed the nuptials in a post on Instagram in which he revealed the couple will host a second ceremony in Pennsylvania in November which will include a performance by rapper Yelawolf.

He wrote: "To all of our friends and family. We’ve been planning this for a while with the Jim Burlson out here in Socorro New Mexico at this rad historical hotel.

"Danielle Marie MARGERA, it’s official. To all family and friends there will be a November wedding in Pennsylvania for everyone with a @yelawolf performance! Amore ad lunam! Everyone is invited except Paul (head)."

Bam was previously married to Missy Rothstein from 2007 untl 2012 and has six-year-old son Phoenix with his second wife Nicole Boyd, who he divorced in 2023.

When confirming his engagement to Dannii late last year, Bam credited her with bringing structure to his chaotic life. He told UsWeekly: "We're just a really good team. I've never had structure before. I always woke up not knowing what to do with the day … I would just look across the street, see an Irish pub and be like, ‘That looks like fun. ...

"Now I wake up, I walk the dogs, I stretch, I go to the gym, I go skateboarding. Everything’s a structured fun schedule.

"And we do it together, and it’s just a perfect thing. She’s everything I’ve ever asked for - I couldn’t ask for anything more. We are a perfect team."