Ban union and corporation donations, NDP leadership hopeful says

Erin Weir, a candidate for the leadership of the Saskatchewan NDP, is calling for a ban on political donations by corporations and unions.

According to Weir, his party received nearly $1 million, in 2011, from organized labour while the Saskatchewan Party collected around $3 million in donations from the business sector.

Weir said he believes it is inappropriate for corporations to provide financial support to politicians who oversee the industry.

"Oil and potash companies ... profit from exploiting resources ... that belong to the people of the province and [are] managed by the provincial government," Weir said. "So, I do see some conflict of interest in those donations."

Weir added that he felt it would be better for the democratic process.

"I've always been of the view that you need to have a level playing field and just ban both corporate and union donations," Weir said. "Get big money out of politics and make it about individual citizens."

CBC News was told the governing Saskatchewan Party has no plans to change donation rules in the province, which allow for unlimited donations, from anyone.

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