Bart Simpson voice actor Nancy Cartwright calls Scientology award ‘the most beautiful acknowledgement’

The Simpsons voice actor Nancy Cartwright has called her latest honour from the Church of Scientology “the most beautiful acknowledgement”.

During the organisation’s 2023 New Year’s celebration, Cartwright was reportedly awarded the status of Patron Excalibur With Honours for her cumulative donations of over $20m (£15.9m).

Cartwright, 65, best known for voicing the young cartoon character Bart Simpson, was photographed on stage alongside Scientology leader David Miscavige at the Florida event.

In the newest edition of the church’s members-only magazine Impact, the actor called the honour “the most beautiful acknowledgement I have ever received in my entire life”, according to The Daily Mail.

The Independent has contacted Cartwright’s representative for comment.

Cartwright converted to Scientology in 1991 and has previously defended the Church against criticisms.

In 2015, HBO released a documentary called Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief, with interviews from former members as well as revelations of strange practices within the religion.

Bart Simpson and Nancy Cartwright (20th Television and Getty Images)
Bart Simpson and Nancy Cartwright (20th Television and Getty Images)

The film alleged that celebrities, including John Travolta, were blackmailed into staying members, otherwise, secrets about their personal lives would be released.

At the time, Cartwright defended the Church against the movie, calling it “very irresponsible reporting” and “prejudiced”.

It was reported in 2019 that she had donated around $17.5m (£13.8m) to the church, earning her the Church’s Diamond Lauret With Honours status.

Besides Travolta, Tom Cruise is one of Scientology’s best-known members, having been linked to it since the Eighties. In a recent interview, Cruise’s Mission Impossible co-star Simon Pegg admitted that he avoids talking to the actor about his faith.

Meanwhile, Going Clear’s director Alex Gibney has said he’s surprised Cruise hasn’t experienced a “reckoning” for his involvement with the Church.

Over the years, Scientology has been accused of bilking supporters for cash, separating members from their loved ones, and harassing and threatening journalists and critics.