Bear Makes Beeline for Honey Treat at New York Sanctuary

A New York wildlife sanctuary that provides a home to a number of bears often gets gifted treats for its inhabitants. One such treat, a large box of honey, stood no chance when it was shared with a Syrian brown bear that weighs close to 900 pounds.

Founded by Jim Kowalczik, Susan Kowalczik, and Kerry Clair in 2015, the Orphaned Wildlife Center, in Otisville, New York, nurtures its animal residents, in the hope they can be returned to the wild.

This footage, originally posted on July 22, shows Leo, one of the center’s oldest residents at 26, being fed honey by Jim Kowalczik, who comments that the bear doesn’t “fool around” when it comes to gobbling up the treat.

The center often shares videos and updates about the animals in its care to its YouTube channel and Facebook page. Credit: Kerry Clair via Storyful