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Beats' Fit Pro earbuds are down to $160 for Black Friday

It's part of a larger Beats sale that knocks up to 57 percent off audio gear.

Billy Steele/Engadget

Black Friday is great time to buy a new pair of earbuds, either for yourself or someone on your gift list. A number of Beats headphones are on sale for the biggest shopping day of the year, key among them being the Beats Fit Pro for $160. That's not quite a record-low price, but it's pretty close and representative of a 20 percent discount. If you're set on getting a pair at the best price possible, the Beats Studio Buds are back on sale for a record-low price of $90.

The Beats Fit Pro are some of our favorite earbuds for working out thanks to their comfortable fit, IPX4 rating and good sound quality with punchy bass.
$160 at Amazon

The Beats Fit Pro earned a spot in our best wireless earbuds guide thanks to their comfortable fit, IPX4 rating and solid sound quality. Their IP-rating makes them a good pair for workouts, plus their "fit wing" tip should help them stay in place even during tough HIIT sessions. We also like that they have physical buttons for onboard controls, making it pretty easy to adjust the volume, skip tracks and more.

Sound quality is pretty good on these earbuds — it's balanced and powerful, with the punchy bass you'd expect to get out of Beats buds. They also support Apple's spatial audio, and the have the H1 chip inside which gives you many of the conveniences of AirPods. They'll pair and switch seamlessly with other Apple devices, plus you'll get hands-free Siri access and Find My location features, too. But they're not solely for iPhones — there's plenty of Android support here, making them a good buy for lots of people.

As for the Beats Studio Buds, we gave them a score of 84 for their balanced sound, tiny yet comfortable design and quick-pairing features for iOS and Android devices. We'd ultimately recommend the Beats Fit Pro to most people because they're newer and have even better sound and features than the Studio Buds, but the latter are a good pick if you only have $100 or less to spend on a new pair of buds.

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