The new Beats Solo Buds go on sale June 18

Track star Sha'Carri Richardson wearing the red Beats Solo Buds.
Track star Sha’Carri Richardson wearing the Transparent Red Beats Solo Buds. Beats

The time for teasing is (mostly) over. After their announcement on April 30, the new Beats Solo Buds will be available starting June 18. The $79 earbuds round out the Beats Solo line, joining the recently released Beats Solo 4, and 2023’s Beats Studio Pro.

The Beats Solo Buds will be widely available in Matte Black, Storm Gray, and Transparent Red. There’s also an Arctic Purple color that’s exclusive to Apple and Target both online and in stores.

Beats says the “custom-built acoustic architecture packs big Beats sound in the smallest case we’ve ever made.” That doesn’t really speak much (at all) as to the sound quality, but Beats also said that “ergonomically designed acoustic nozzles and laser-cut vents improve audio performance while relieving pressure for added comfort.”

There’s only one way to find out, of course, and that will be when we actually get a pair into our ears.

The Beats Solo Buds in black, alongside their charging case.

Buy at BeatsWhen we do, though, we’ll be able to expect four sizes of ear tips to help them sit properly. There also will be passive noise isolation — not active noise cancellation — for “the ultimate listening experience.” Again, we’ll see. These are still relatively affordable buds, though they do land a little more expensive (and more on the stylish side) than the latest Amazon Echo Buds, which shave about $30 off the bill.

As with the other options in the Beats ecosystem, the Solo Buds support Apple’s Find My feature, as well as Google’s Find My Device. You’ll be able to customize some functions when you press the Beats “b” logo on the side.

Battery life is said to be about 18 hours of playback at 50% volume, and the buds charge via the case, which uses USB-C.