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Best air mattresses of 2024

Autoblog may receive a share from purchases made via links on this page. Pricing and availability are subject to change.

Air mattresses are an affordable and portable way to get a good night's rest. They can be used at home for yourself or for a guest. There are also air mattresses specifically made to be taken on camping trips intended for being used in the back of car, RV or in a tent. They are versatile in size, as they range from a single person sleeping bag all the way up to a king size. The only preparation needed is to remove it from the packaging and inflate it with the pump that is included. Here is a list of the best air mattresses available on Amazon.

Intex Dura-Beam Standard Series Prestige Downy Airbed - $25.78 (31% off)

$25.78 at Amazon

Key features

  • Made with a fiber-tech interior and a velvet-like sleeping surface 

  • Built-in pillow

  • 2-in-1 valve and internal pump 

  • Hand-held battery pump 

  • Maximum weight limit of 600 pounds

  • One of the most affordable air mattresses

The Intex Dura-Beam Standard Series Prestige Downy Airbed may be cheap, but it gets the job done. It includes a 2-in-1 valve along with an internal pump that makes inflation and deflation easy. The battery-powered pump for this mattress can be use for other inflatable objects as well. The sizes of Intex air mattresses range from twin to queen and can support a weight from 300 pounds to 600 pounds.

FBSPORT Bed Car Mattress - $29.69

$29.69 at Amazon

Key features

  • Can reach full inflation within 1 minute

  • Supports up to 300 pounds

  • Sizes suited for cars and SUVs

  • Multiple colors to choose from

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

The FBSSPORT Bed Car Mattress is very simple and easy to use. It is best suited for the backseat of a car or the trunk of a SUV with the rear seats down. It is also great for indoors and outdoor use as well. This air mattress is a smaller one because it is meant to fit in the backseat but it can still support up to 300 pounds. One of the only drawbacks is that it won't fit in the center row of some three-row SUVs.

KRPOM Car Inflatable Mattress with Pump - $44.99

$44.99 at Amazon

Key features

  • Comfortable flocking cushion 

  • Compatible with SUVs, minivans, trucks and RVs

  • Mattress divided into 6 layers with 3 double-layer nozzles 

  • Comes with a repair kit 

  • Supports up to 660 pounds

The KROPM Car Inflatable Mattress is intended for SUVs and larger vehicles. It can be placed in the trunk of a SUV, the bed of a pickup truck, in a van or RV. This air mattress is made from thickened flocking that provides extra comfort and a softer sleeping texture. There are 6 layers total and 3 double-layer nozzles that allow customized inflation settings. This air mattress is able to support up to 660 pounds.

Sound Asleep Dream Air Mattress - $129.95

$129.95 at Amazon

Key features

  • ComfortCoil technology 

  • SureGrip bottom 

  • Made with multilayer 15 gauge material 

  • Puncture-resistant

  • Fully inflates in under 4 minutes

  • 1 year warranty

This SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress is built with an industry leading design that implements ComfortCoil technology with internal air coils for added durability and support. The SureGrip bottom adds stability to the air mattress to prevent it from sliding. SoundAsleep has a patented 1-click pump that inflates in under 4 minutes and will remain inflated for days. It also includes a 1 year warranty.

King Koli Luxury Air Mattress - $149.95

$149.95 at Amazon

Key features

  • Best selling air mattress on Amazon

  • Sizes range from twin to California king

  • Waterproof and puncture-resistant

  • Reaches full inflation in under 2 minutes

  • Endorsed by the International Chiropractors Association

  • 1 year warranty

The King Koli Luxury Air Mattress is currently ranked as the #1 best selling camping air mattress on Amazon. Its sizes are twin, queen and California king with the option of 13, 16 or 20-inches in height. It's the only air mattress to receive an endorsement from the International Chiropractors Association in regards to promoting better spinal alignments and healthier sleep. It's fully-flocked on the top and sides and has a skid-resistant bottom. It has separate knobs for inflating and deflating and reaches full inflation in under 2 minutes.

How to inflate an air mattress

Inflating an air mattress is made to be as simple as possible. Most will either have a built-in pump that is connected to the mattress or come with a separate pump that needs to be hooked up to the mattress for inflation. Most air mattresses only take a few minutes to fully inflate.

What size air mattress should you choose?

There are a few factors to determine which air mattress size is for you. The most important thing is to think about where it will be used. Most air mattresses are meant for indoor use but there are options for outdoor use as well. Another thing to consider is how many people will be sleeping on it. Air mattresses have size options like a regular mattress and some even have height options.

Pros and cons of an air mattress

Air mattresses provide many benefits to the user. They are extremely portable and easy to carry around. They are also easy to setup. They are extremely versatile as they can be used as an extra bed in the house, be used in the car or outside on the ground for a picnic. As great as air mattresses are, there are a few slight issues they may have. It's common for an air mattress to lose air overtime and may need to be inflated again after a few nights. Another problem they may face is wear and tear overtime because they aren't as long lasting as a traditional mattress.

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