The Best New Launches From Everlane, Bala, Blunt Skincare, & More

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Although February is a shorter month (even with the Leap Year), there was no shortage of stellar product launches in February. From gourmet Keystone Light-infused tinned fish to non-slip socks for pilates and barre and even a McDonalds-inspired nail collection (yes, really!), there were plenty of fresh and double-take-inducing new releases actually worth adding to cart as we move into a new month. Scroll through below to check out my favorite products that dropped in February.

Monastery 008 Lab Edition Universal Balm

2024 is the year I fell in love with Monastery’s luxe botanical skin-care line. The packaging is downright gorgeous—enough to leave unopen and display as a piece of art—but its formulas are even more impressive. Its latest drop is a universal balm, a rich salve that can be used on everything from dry lips, elbows, and even hands. It’s scented with Italian neroli, Hawaiian sandalwood, and Japanese Hinoki, and I honestly wish I could find this fragrance profile in a perfume. Best of all, the formula absorbs quickly and, unlike other salves and balms, doesn’t leave behind a greasy residue. Is it expensive for a balm? Yes. Is it worth every penny and then some? Also, yes.

Buy Monastery 008 Lab Edition Universal Balm at Monastery, $48

Keystone Light x Fighwife Limited Edition Smoked Trout

While I wouldn’t say Keystone Light is my favorite beer, this collab with gourmet tinned fish brand Fishwife is a match made in culinary heaven. Honestly, I would have never assumed a light beer would pair so well with smoked rainbow trout, but this is my new favorite late-night snack pairing. The tinned fish pack doesn’t come with a six-pack (unfortunately), but do yourself a favor and grab one separately—you’ll be pleasantly surprised by this tasty, unlikely pair.

Buy Keystone Light x Fighwife Limited Edition Smoked Trout at Fishwife, $null

Blunt Skincare Puffer Lip Hydrating Butter

During the first few years of the CBD-infused skincare boom circa 2018, I was a major skeptic of the burgeoning beauty category. I thought it was merely another gimmicky fad until a friend introduced me to Blunt Skincare’s top-shelf cannabis-derived formulas back in 2020. The brand’s CBD facial oils lifted my redness almost instantly while quelling retinoid-induced irritation like no other oil, cream, or serum could. Needless to say, I’ve been a fan ever since, but Blunt’s latest launch, a nourishing lip balm, is beyond impressive.

As a self-professed, compulsive lip balm abuser, it may or may not be a surprise that I have chronically dry lips thanks to the addiction. What is a surprise is how nourishing this balm is and how just one application locks in hydration for up to eight hours. If you’re like me and regard your lip balm as a security blanket of sorts, you need to try Blunt Skincare’s Puffer Lip Hydrating Balm ASAP.

Buy Blunt Skincare Puffer Lip Hydrating Butter at Blunt Skincare, $9

Houseplant Espresso Set by Seth

Houseplant espresso cups set of two

Launching shortly after Houseplant's collab with Cometeer Coffee, this itsy-bitsy espresso set will surely be your favorite to drink from. This rustic tortoise stoneware set is modeled after the design that Seth Rogen made himself, and each set is uniquely different.

Buy Houseplant Espresso Set by Seth at Houseplant, $78

Everlane The Way-High Curve Jean

Everlane gets it right with its denim—every single time—and the new Way High Curve Jean is no exception. In fact, I think it’s my favorite pair of pants from the brand of all time. The slight curve offers a more approachable take on the statement balloon style of the moment, and I find that the jeans make my legs look a bit longer. They’re available in a nice range of washes, but I love this trendy brown hue the most.

Buy Everlane The Way-High Curve Jean at Everlane, $128

Augustinus Bader The Rich Shampoo & Conditioner

Augustinus Bader’s cult-favorite The Rich Cream has made its way into the haircare space—well, in the form of shampoo and conditioner. Like its facial creams, the new shampoo and conditioner is infused with the TFC8® or Trigger Factor Complex TFC, the proprietary, the brand’s cellular-renewing technology. The scalp and hair healing formulas are designed to nourish and deeply hydrate dry and damaged strands without leaving behind an oily residue.

Buy Augustinus Bader The Rich Shampoo & Conditioner at Augustinus Bader, $60

Bala No-Slip High Socks

While I’m pretty new to pilates and barre, I’ve quickly learned that there are a few key essentials that make all the difference in class: a sweat-absorbing towel to layer over your mat (for hot pilates classes), a water bottle with a straw for easy access to sipping in between flows, and non-slip socks that don’t slide around your mat. Bala recently launched No-Slip socks, available in high and crew styles featuring anti-slip silicone dotted soles, and let’s just say they’re helping me put my best foot forward—even when I have no clue what I’m doing in a new class.

Buy Bala No-Slip High Socks at Bala, $25

Petcube GPS Tracker

As someone with an escape artist pup and an anxiety disorder, I’ve been searching for a pet-tracking device lightweight enough to add to my pup’s collar for quite some time. Petcube’s new GPS Tracker is one of the most affordable pet trackers on the market to date, yet it comes equipped with everything you need to make sure your fido is safe and sound—and how to find him when he gets out. I love that it’s glow-in-the-dark as Magic (my sneaky pup) usually likes to schedule his “outings” in the evening, making it easier to track him down.

Buy Petcube GPS Tracker at Petcube, $52

Buy Petcube GPS Tracker at Amazon, $40

Nails.INC x McDonalds

I didn’t think Nails.INC could top itself with another kitsch, foodie-friendly collab after its Velveeta drop (the nail polish actually smelled like Velveeta cheese!), but then I found out about its Mcdonalds collection. There is an assortment of nail polishes, fake nails, and toppers inspired by the fast food chain, featuring a range of popular menu items like the Big Mac and its beloved french fries.

Buy Nails.INC x McDonalds at Nails Inc., $null

SpoiledChild M26 Damage Reverser

SpoiledChild’s innovative AI-powered wellness products are far from gimmicky—they’re remarkably effective. The M26 Damage Reverser gives you instant gratification, dramatically improving the health of your hair (visibly) in just ten minutes. The rich conditioner is fortified with keratin for breakage defense, argan, camellia, avocado oil, and collagen for sustained hydration. Whether from hot tools or a recent bleach-heavy highlight appointment, this damage-reversing formula will bring your compromised locks back to health.

Buy SpoiledChild M26 Damage Reverser at SpoiledChild, $45


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