Best and worst weather across Canada this August long weekend

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For Canadians fortunate enough to get an extra day off of work this weekend, you may be in for some ideal conditions to enjoy the summer.

According to Brett Anderson, senior meteorologist with AccuWeather, there aren’t any particularly “extreme” weather patterns on the horizon over the weekend, but there are some places that will be more comfortable than others.

Anderson has identified Manitoba into northwestern Ontario and the Maritimes as the areas with the most “problematic” weather this weekend.

“I think there’s going to be a fair amount of thunderstorm activity across northern Manitoba down into much of northwestern Ontario,” Anderson said. “The other problem area I would say would be probably Atlantic Canada, widespread showers over the weekend there.”

In the Maritimes, Saturday will be the most problematic day with the weather turning drier on Sunday is most areas, while Newfoundland will remain unsettled.

Some parts in southern Ontario, just north of Toronto, might see some isolated showers as well Saturday afternoon.

“That should die off very quickly once the sun sets...Sunday looks mostly dry at this point,” Anderson said.

Monday is looking warmer and more humid across southern Ontario, but mostly dry as well. On Saturday, southern Ontario temperatures will be around the upper 20s with moderate humidity and then cooling down a bit on Sunday with lower humidity.

“As we get ahead to Monday, probably back up into the upper 20s close to 30 C across parts of southern Ontario, a little bit more humid,” Anderson said.

Moving west, the mountain regions of B.C. and Alberta will see some thunderstorms on Saturday, while drier air works its way back into the region on Sunday.

“So Sunday is the pick of the two days there over the weekend,” Anderson said. “In Vancouver, it looks like a dry weekend shaping up.”

Southern Saskatchewan and extreme southern Manitoba will see relatively high temperatures over the weekend, with 32 C estimated for a high. Conversely, high temperatures are only expected to be around 20 C in the Edmonton area over the weekend.