Biden highlights recent Trump gaffes in new campaign ad

Joe Biden has highlighted several recent gaffes and confusing statements made by Donald Trump in a new campaign video.

The video features a supercut of clips of Mr Trump appearing to confuse his rival Nikki Haley with former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Mr Biden with former president Barack Obama.

It also contains instances where Mr Trump has rambled about subjects including whales, bread, and cell phones for veterans.

The video shows Ms Haley – now Mr Trump’s only competition for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination – addressing supporters and discussing remarks about her made by the former president.

“Trump is at a rally and he’s going on and on mentioning me multiple times as to why I didn’t handle January 6 better,” Ms Haley said.

In a separate clip, Mr Trump says: “Nikki Haley is in charge of security, we offered her 10,000 people. They don’t want to talk about that.”

As Ms Haley points out in her remarks, she had not been elected to office on 6 January 2021, when the storming of the Capitol took place. At that time Ms Pelosi held the speakership, making her third in line behind the president and vice president.

Posting the video on X, Mr Biden wrote: “I don’t agree with Nikki Haley on everything, but we agree on this much: She is not Nancy Pelosi.”

“They’re saying he got confused,” Ms Haley says in the video, after which more clips of Mr Trump play.

The former president alleges that voter ID is needed to buy a loaf of bread, that whales are washing up on shore “because of the wind”, and that veterans “don’t have cell phones”.

Mr Trump’s recent confusions are highlighted in the Biden campaign video (AFP via Getty Images)
Mr Trump’s recent confusions are highlighted in the Biden campaign video (AFP via Getty Images)

Mr Trump also appears to get confused, in one interview recalling his political campaign against Mr Obama. “We won an election that everyone said couldn’t be won,” he said.

Mr Trump’s victory in 2016 was against Hillary Clinton, and he has never run against Mr Obama.

“Don’t put our country at risk like this,” Ms Haley says in the video, a message that is approved by Mr Biden.