Bill Maher Offers a Compromise on TikTok Ban: ‘How About We Trade It for Boeing’

Bill Maher weighed in on the possible ban on TikTok in the United States during his monologue on Friday’s “Real Time.” And he had a novel solution that could resolve 2 problems at once.

“How about we trade it for Boeing?” he joked. (Obviously a reference to the once great aerospace company’s increasingly dangerous products.

But before Maher got to that topic, he ran through a lot of the other week’s news, starting with Donald Trump’s apparent inability to pay his $454 million business fraud fine, which is due on Monday.

“He is in a few trials going on and one of them is in New York, because he exaggerated his net worth, how much this property was worth,” Maher explained. “There’s a bond he has to pay the fine of $454 million and he Trump has the weekend to come up with it.”

Maher also brought up Trump’s constant complaining about this judgement, declaring that the ex-president is “Garfield now. He’s a fat orange p—y who hates Mondays.”

“This is pretty interesting stuff,” Maher continued. “Donald Trump, the great billionaire, the great businessman” could lose “his businesses his properties, his money. Today Melania was seen wearing a coat that says okay, now I do care.”

Noting that if he can’t pay, the state of New York could start taking his assets, Maher joked that Trump’s reaction was, “look take anything just leave me my boxes of confidential documents. That’s all I really care about.”

After this, Maher brought up how Trump is now seeking a vice presidential running mate, and pointed out the problem with being picked: “What a great job… you get to kiss ass and defend the indefensible for four years. And at the end of it a mob tries to hang you.”

Next, Maher discussed the ongoing congressional budget drama, and how Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene is attempting to have Speaker of the House Mike Johnson removed from that office. Then he moved on to some tech industry jokes, which brought him to TikTok.

“You know, China owns TikTok, and we are threatening to ban it. So the kids who like TikTok, they’re sending threatening messages to Congress, people saying they’re going to shoot them and cut them into pieces,” Maher said. “On the bright side, it’s good to see the young people interested in government again.”

And that is when he got to the joke about Boeing.

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