Bill Turnbull reunites with Susanna Reid on 'Good Morning Britain' as he returns to live TV presenting

Bill Turnbull made a temporary return to live TV presenting on Monday morning as he joined Susanna Reid to co-host Good Morning Britain.

The presenters worked on BBC Breakfast together for over a decade before Reid, 49, left to host the ITV morning show in 2014, while Turnbull, 64, departed in 2016.

On his comeback, Turnbull shared: "I can't believe this is really happening, it's so exciting. I feel like I'm coming home."

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It comes as Reid's usual co-host Piers Morgan is taking a break from the programme as he enjoys a holiday in the US.

Bill Turnbull returned to live TV to host Good Morning Britain with Susanna Reid. (ITV)

Turnbull jested about Morgan's presenting style after Reid asked if there was anything he wanted to "rant about".

"Television presenters who just mouth off in a rant shout way at the beginning of a show, I just can't abide that," he joked. "If there's one thing I will not have, it's people talking over their co-presenters, not letting them get a word in edgeways."

Turnbull, who is currently battling prostate cancer, is filling in for Morgan for three days this week Monday through Wednesday.

In November 2019, Turnbull had appeared as a guest on the programme when Reid asked him if he would return when Morgan "has been incapacitated".

Presenters Bill Turnbull and Susanna Reid appeared on BBC Breakfast together until 2014. (Photo by Jeff Overs/BBC News & Current Affairs via Getty Images)

“I would love to, name the day. I wouldn’t do it full time. It is a little bit stressful and stress is not good for cancer, but every once in a while would be great," he replied.

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He publicly revealed his health status in March 2018 having learnt of his diagnosis in 2017.

Last year saw him front a documentary, Bill Turnbull: Staying Alive, looking into the disease and exploring potential treatments for the cancer.