Billionaire Reid Hoffman expects retaliation from Trump: ‘Of course I’m concerned’

LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, one of the largest financial backers of Democrats, said he’s concerned there could be retaliation against him from former President Trump if he’s elected in November.

Hoffman has argued that President Biden would actually be a better president for business leaders because he respects the rule of law.

“Maybe [Trump] will persecute his political opponents with the instruments of state,” Hoffman said Wednesday in a CNN interview with Matt Egan. “I’ve literally talked to business leaders who are fearful about speaking out against this because they’re fearful of retaliation.”

“Of course I’m concerned,” he added. “When you feel fear is the precise time that when you should think about stepping up.”

Trump’s campaign has been characterized by revenge. He has promised to lash out against political opponents if elected and punish those who have worked against him.

Hoffman argued that despite Trump’s advocacy for lower taxes and less regulation — policy generally favored by business leaders — that’s not the full picture in this election.

“The rule of law is what has made America very special,” he said. “It has made an environment for business that has been spectacular and a glowing beacon to the entire world.”

“It’s the trust that other countries have in us in our system and how we interact, which allows our industries to export and allows the dollar to be the reserve world currency of the world,” he continued. “And that’s the reason why Biden is fundamentally, no matter what, more pro-business than Trump.”

Hoffman has been one of the loudest voices against Trump among the billionaire class. He has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to political causes opposing him, and even helped fund author E. Jean Carroll’s rape civil case against him last year.

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